Wednesday, September 15, 2004

sibling pride

I am always proud of my siblings.

Jo, of course, is in New York, taking post-graduate studies in Education. Her blog is riot to read, as she develops a very open and engaging writing style (and yes, I knew she had it in her).

Reb, her twin, works for a huge multinational company, putting her experience as an international chef to good use, jetting around the country and the region.

Maureen, my youngest sister, is a stylist and writer for MEGA magazine, one of the best-selling fashion/lifestyle mags in the country (yay for writers).

Johnny, our bunso, continues to tackle the dog-eat-dog world of call centers.

I get teary-eyed and nostalgic when I consider how much time has passed. I remember getting all four of them in my old Datsun and taking them to see a museum or a film or just to eat (though secretly, it we'd eat at my then-girlfriend's bakeshop so I could hit two birds with one stone).

And now they're all grown up, pursuing their own lives and careers.

I'm just glad that they look me up from time to time, for advice on matters of the heart or career decisions, to gossip or just to vent about common family frustrations. Because no matter how many years pass, I'll always be their Manong Deanbo, ready with an easy smile or terrible admonishment - like any loving older brother.


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