Thursday, October 21, 2004

pack rats

Our return trip to Manila begins with the Jacksonville-Detriot leg on Saturday morning (that's just 3 days away and I couldn't be happier - I need a vacation from my vacation!). From there, we go to Japan then finally home to Manila.

We're in the process of packing all the loot and pasalubong (yes, we are bah-roke, not that we had that much to begin with) into balikbayan boxes. Beginning Sunday, the new policy for allowable weight is 50lbs (from the current 70lbs), so we're happy to go before the change.

A combination of purchases and gifts in our big boxes reflects the sensibilities of the 3 Alfars.

Media: Extended boxed sets of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers , the 7 disc Survivor All Stars Collection, the Aladdin Special Edition and Disney's Princess Once Upon A Dream - showing our common love for fantasy and reality (the new Star Wars boxed set, though tempting with its Darth Vader frontispiece, just had to give way to the pirate philosophy - we'll just get that from Billy).

Books galore, a mix of new and old: Power's Anubis Gate, Weir's Eleanor of Aquitaine and Elizabeth I, Mack's Field Guide to Demons, Hoffman's Fistful of Sky, Klasky's Glasswright's Apprentice, Faust's The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, Lethem's Fortress of Solitude, Maguire's Mirror, Mirror, and the following anthologies - Egger's Best Nonrequired Reading, Kearn's Victorian Fairy Tale Book, Sarrantonio's Flights, Anderson's Tales before Tolkien, and Strahan's Locus Awards, plus the Essential X-Men Vol. 1 I've been looking for (my God, wasn't Byrne's work so easy on the eyes?). Oh, and every copy of the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Seventeenth Annual Collection I could find, heh. I wish we got more books but we really have no money! And I just realized that Marquez's Memoria de mis putas tristes just came out. Gah.

Visits to Walmarts, Win-Dixies and sundry brought in all the geegaws, whatsits and stuff that make a trip to any foreign country worth it - crunchies, crispies, chocos, candies, and chewies; vanity stuff for skin, teeth (ever heard of the Hummingbird Power Flosser?), beard, moustache, pores, cheeks, lips, eyes and such; toys - everything Cinderella, Pikachu and funky; clothes and more food.

Nikki has taken on the Herculean task of sorting and packing everything (plus the stuff we came with), while, as usual, I am the pack mule.

I'm just happy knowing we'll be home soon.


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