Tuesday, November 23, 2004

blast(oise) from the past

While rooting around the house for something to read while having dinner, I came across my mango-colored Gameboy Color along with several Pokemon cartridges that I haven't touched since my Pokemania days (shudder). Nikki and I were so hooked on the little bastards that we each got ourselves a Gameboy just so 1) we didn't have to share a single game; and 2) so we could trade Pokemon we captured.

I remember a particular longhaul flight from Manila to New York, long before the birth of Sage, with my wife and myself happily whiling away the time with our games and a bagfull of batteries.

It seemed destined that I found the Gameboy last night, given the fact that Sage and I have been engaged in a marathon Pokemon series viewing for the past couple of weeks.

I picked up the game and played until the batteries ran out, at 3AM. Nikki, hearing my distraught cry, pointed out that there were batteries in Sage's laptop. So I got the screwdriver and stole my little girl's batteries - but I did promise myself that I would replace them immediately.

So now there's this lovely little distraction added to the other things that I use to prevent me from writing the 15000 or so words I need to finish Salamanca.

Just another hour or two. I'll be good.


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