Monday, November 22, 2004

crumble, crumble

I'm starting to get worried about finishing Salamanca. I failed to write for a couple of days and suddenly I'm behind again. This required discipline is truly mindboggling, and I can't for the life of me see just how some other writers are able to sit down and churn out 5000-6000 words in one sitting.

I've realized that prose-wise, I am comfortable with around 1000-1500 in one sitting before my head hurts. It's very different from playwriting because I can whip out a hundred pages of dialogue in one go when I'm in the zone, but that's probably because I don't need to describe anything, letting the play's characters do what they're supposed to do in a play, which is to talk. A lot.

So now with 9 days to go before the dreaded deadline I'm around 17,500 words away from the finish line. I've reread the thing and really really want to correct some slights and inconsistencies (like the POV of Antonio the narrator which did not return in Book Two) but I tell myself it's just a draft. Right.

Anyway, as usual, we'll see.

happy birthday Comicquest, which turned 19 years old yesterday.

We celebrated with noodles and burgers courtesy of Vin, converting our day with Sage to a fullblown excursion into the mall, looking at that toys she'll ask from Santa and riding those token-eating rides (six pesos for a token for what seems like 30 seconds - rip-off city, but what can a dad do?).


After dinner last Saturday with the barkada at our resto client Mario's Kitchen (home of the hot pot and best paella/lengua combos), we checked out Gamefrog, an internet/gaming place that also rents out tabletop games (Puerto Rico, Axis & Allies, Kill Dr. Lucky and many others).

I spoke to one of the owners about the news I heard that it was possible to rent a table to run an RPG, AND SMOKE while gaming.

And happily, the answer is yes. So we may become Friday regulars there for the Isle Campaign I'm running for Nikki, Alex and Kate, a story I'm immensely enjoying constructing.


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