Thursday, November 18, 2004

life without laptop

Last night, my laptop simply went dead, unable to process AC power and batteries. I stared at the blank screen and wanted to throw the thing out the window.

Instead, I played with Sage, and later watched together a gazillion episodes of Pokemon Season 1 (yes, I am an unabashed fan and intend to get copies of every episode so far up to Season 6) with our plush Pikachu.

When Nikki came home with orchid-oil flavored chocolates "specially selected by the bald man, Max Brenner" for me, she was told by Sage: "Dad is sad because his computer is sira. He will give it to a person."

Stunned by the thought of actually having to write on paper and inflict my illegible chicken scrawls on my own weak eyes, I did no novel-writing whatsoever and instead vegged out and watched two really silly movies - "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" and "I, Robot". "White Castle" had quirky casting but its humor was very forced. But it was head and shoulders above the dismal "I, Robot" which not even Will Smith's easy grace could save from terminal ineptitude (or maybe it's just my anti scifi bias, but it was really a load of crap, but not of the "scintillating in the rain" variety of last year's "Daredevil".)

So today I ended up spending a lot of time at the ASUS distributor's offices, waiting for the laptop to be revived. Traffic back to my office was hellish, with no less than 3 car accidents along the way.

But I'm back with my laptop and am moderately happy.


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