Wednesday, December 29, 2004



Still at the office handling new projects that will get launched the first week of January. Though I'd much rather stay at home and vegetate or even write, work is work and that's the way the cookie crumbles - so no problem. We have a nationwide campaign to roll out for one client, plus a variety of materials for several more including radio, billboards, exhibits for New York and such. I'm delighted with all the work and am thankful for the opportunities.

But I'm actually very sleepy so I've hooked up a Coke IV to stay conscious.


Over the past couple of nights, Nikki and I (with Sage for selected viewings) went on two viewing marathons.

First, the Pokeathon. 84 half-hour episodes of Pokemon because we love it (and yes, I will defend the show as an important part of the world's cultural and literary ideosphere) - Season 1 and the Johto Journeys. As always, the post-episode analyses are interesting (especially when Sage revealed her scatologically-founded dislike with Koffin and Weezing from Team Rocket).

Then, the accidental Holly Hunter marathon (accidental because she was in three of the films): Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her, Thirteen and The Incredibles. "Things..." is better staged as a play with its stilted dialogue and artificially heavy tone; "Thirteen" is one of the best movies I've seen and enters my Top Ten due to the fine writing, acting, directing and cinematography; "The Incredibles" is definitely the best film of 2004. I was also impressed by the acting in "Monster" which I initially didn't want to see because the predictable story arc of a serial killer text is boring - but I'm glad I finally did and saw Charlize Theron in the performance of her life.

save me, save me

Of the avalanche of gifts that she got for Christmas, Sage immediately loved the Barbie Sleeping Beauty from Uncles Vin and Andrew, and the Blue Fairy Barbie from one of her granduncles. With the poorly dressed Barbie she got from an obnoxious woman in Florida, Sage now has three Barbies that she plays with. With her mom or with me.

I swear, I cannot last for more than 5 minutes playing Barbie. They soon acquire voices and do things when Sage is not looking.

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Look at my dress! It's beautiful!

BLUE FAIRY: Oh! Oh! 'Tis most lovely, my princess.


BLUE FAIRY: Oh! Oh! 'Tis so, indeed, my princess!

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Not like your dress.

BLUE FAIRY: Oh! Oh no! Not like mine t'all, my princess!

SLEEPING BEAUTY: It looks sprayed on.

BLUE FAIRY: Oh! Just my top, my princess. My bottom is actually real. And I do have a panty.


SKANKABARBIE: 'Sup, bitches?

BLUE FAIRY: Oh! Oh! Methinks there is no need for language foul!

SKANKABARBIE: Shut up, you little blue freak.

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Skankabarbie! Mind your manners! And your tongue!

SKANKABARBIE: Shut up, beeyotch. I don' take no lip from you. Princess my ass.

BLUE FAIRY(sobs): Oh! Oh! I am not a freak! I am really blue!


SLEEPING BEAUTY: Skankabarbie! We are all different but made of the same substance. Can you not see that beneath skin color and dresses and crowns, we are all the same?

SKANKABARBIE: Whatever. Now give me your dress.


SKANKABARBIE: Gimme your dress, deaf girl. Or I stick this nailcutter in your eyes. I'm tired of looking like a cheap hooker with my yellow Tweety Bird top. It's my turn to be princess.




SKANKABARBIE: Look at my dress! Who's the princess now? Huh? Who's the princess now?


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