Thursday, December 16, 2004


There are insufficient words to describe my feelings when confronted by the necessity to leave the area around my office and venture beyond the Ortigas Center and Makati City (there really aren't that many synonyms for hate - despise, abhor, resent, abominate, disdain, whatever).

The reason is the impossible traffic. I'm presenting my bid for a large client today at 1PM, but because of the harsh realities of the Christmas season, I have to leave before 11AM. If I the bid finishes before 2 or 3PM, I will need 2 hours or so to get back to office - if I can make it before the normal rush hour. Otherwise, it's pointness.

The government has tried to help with a scheme that extends working hours (come in earlier, leave later, work longer hours but have an extra day free) in an effort to alleviate the traffic (and enable the work force to spend more time with their families), but the malls simply counter with extended operating hours. Most are open until 10PM, some will be open until midnight.

The Greenhills area, always congested, has become even more so, despite the creation of multi-tiered parking areas. The reason? The Greenhills management decided to populate their parking buildings with more restos and retailers. That, plus the creation of the mosque (which people are in denial about, bandying non-religious terms like "meditation center" or somesuch - please, a mosque is a mosque is a mosque), which finally gives the devotees of Islam a place to pray (smackdab in the middle of what used to a fish pond is a Catholic Church, so fair is fair).


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