Monday, February 21, 2005

extraction action

I begged out of my last meeting of the day to visit the dentist.

I have no shame in stating that I am, without question, deathly afraid of the dentist. I used to kick them in my youth. Last year, rather than visit one because of severe tooth pain, I waited out the six months in anguish until the tooth fell apart.

This time though, my molar was causing my extreme pain. So I walked to the dentist downstairs, introduced myself, explained my pathological fear of her, and warned her that my teeth were not pretty.

She told me she'd seen worse.

Then I told her my self-diagnosis, that in lieu of pulling the tooth, I'd rather have a root canal. She agreed that the tooth should be saved and told me, when I asked, that the procedure would take 3 to 4 sittings and cost P3k per root - and this molar has 3 roots.

But the tooth next to the bad molar had to be extracted.

I resigned myself to an early evening of pain and told her to clean my teeth and patch one of them up while I was there.

Of course, as soon as I saw the injection I began to tear up, but controlled my breathing and tried to go to "my special place", except that I had no "special place" to go. So to cut the long story short, I was completely frozen up, all muscles tightly wound, sweating like ice cold Mountain Dew in the desert.

Yes, it hurt, despite the 3 injections. But now that part of the horror is over, I can look forward to healthier teeth and gums (sounds like an advertorial). I can say "that was a terrible and painful experience but now it's finished".

Until my next sitting next week.


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