Tuesday, February 01, 2005

give me the damn store!

Today was the supposed reopening of my Petty Pets store, but is it open? Nooooo.

This past week we tried to hurdle the latest obstacle - the fact that SM had not, in fact, sent us the new lease contract. A small fact that the people we put in charge to handle that part of the project overlooked, as we handled construction, inventory ordering, hired salespeople and commissioned the new sign.


I am so upset that I went and bought a lot of DVDs. Our new opening date has been reset for the middle of this month - but I don't know.

If I see a cutesie rabbit right now I will wring the poor thing's neck.

But still, I do not want to let go our location at SM Megamall. It's so hard to get a spot (believe me, the line extends backwards in terms of years). But I am thinking setting up elsewhere. We'll see.

In related business matters, I decided to pass on the coffee shop franchise. There is a danger of spreading too thin. I'll focus on the primary business, plus just one or two more.

But dammit, give me my store.


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