Thursday, February 17, 2005

great scott!

I'll be part of the anthology published by Anvil around April/May that collects short fiction from authors from Scotland and the Philippines.

The Filipino side is edited by Sarge Lacuesta, and includes heavyweights like Butch Dalisay, Krip Yuson, and Lakambini Sitoy.

What delights me: first, of course, is being asked to part of this collection. It's always good to be in great company - I'm hoping some of their prowess rubs off on me ;)

Second, I get to push the Filipino speculative fiction agenda. Even it begins with a single genre story in an anthology like this, I'll happily go out on a limb and take the opportunity. It is tempting to write something realist and therefore "safe" - but still edgy - but all authors need to take risks in writing. (The funny thing is, I lost no time in recruiting Sarge Lacuesta for the spec fic antho I'm planning on putting together sometime this year.)

The pressure is two-fold.

First, my story - spec fic and all - must to be able to stand toe-to-toe with some of my writing idols, all of whom will most likely write beautifully. It's not about fear, it's about raising the banner of agenda and not embarassing myself or the cause.

Second, my story has to be able to stand proudly among all the other stories, regardless of genre or nationality. I've said it so many times here: a story should work regardless of genre. A good story is a good story.

My understanding is that all the Scots kick ass. Well, we on the Filipino side kick just as hard (there - that's my contribution towards misplaced nationalism, in writing, for the day).


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