Saturday, February 19, 2005

happy birthday, beloved

The truth, as we both know, is that I would so much less if I wasn't fortunate enough to share my life with you.

I cannot think of every day without the knowledge that near or far, you are right by my side - telling me I can conquer the mountain while grounding my ambitions, sharing a laugh as we spin cigarette smoke into stories, keeping our bed warm all night and being certain enough to argue with me when I am bullheaded or simply blind.

For two people who are so defined as individuals, you give me power in my identity as husband, best friend, lifelong ally and confessor. You see through me, in me, beyond me, and share your unique perspective in ways no one else can understand.

There are times when I watch you sleeping and marvel at how someone so intelligent, so beautiful, so talented could have taken the unthinkable action of marrying me - but I know what you'll say.

I love you with every syllable I can combine in words, with every word I can make into sentences, with every sentence I put together into stories and plays.

And one day, I promise you, you will become a woman of gentle leisure once again.

Happy Birthday, beloved.


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