Thursday, May 26, 2005

books, you gotta love 'em

Thanks to the providence of loving sisters (hey Jo!), I have a couple of new books and I haven't even been to the bookstore or Comic Quest this week.

I'm particularly delighted with what I found waiting for me at my desk this morning, snug in a Barnes & Noble bag (I tried staying home to watch the live feed of the American Idol finals but guilt overwhelmed me - and I just found out who won, feh):

Cosmos Latinos: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Latin America and Spain (Early Classics of Science Fiction), edited by Andrea L. Bell. I've been wanting this for some time but just couldn't find it. It has Latin American-style SF (and having Angelica Gorodischer's "The Violet's Embryos" in the TOC doesn't hurt).

Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link. I've been a fan of Link's for the longest time, with her powerful pieces that I've encountered in the YBFH through the years, particularly "Travels With the Snow Queen" and "The Girl Detective". So having more of her stories in one volume makes me extremely happy.


A quick trip to Comic Quest netted a small trove of goodies. A got a pair of Duck collections (believe me when I say this: some of the best comic book stories ever written and illustrated can be found in Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Comics), the new Gotham Central trade, and a fistful of pamphlets (I don't know where my resolve to stop buying single issues went, really): The Return of Donna Troy (showing off DC's new logo), Legion of Super-Heroes, The Omac Project, and Rann-Thanagar War.


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