Tuesday, May 31, 2005

it's really big

I have to confess to more than my share of anxiety when Nikki and I considered taking Sage to watch her first film at the movie house. At 3 years and 3 months old, would she be taken aback by the darkness? Would she behave herself? Would she manage to sit through an hour and a half without succumbing to ennui or tears? Would I make through with my sanity intact?

We chose Madagascar by the great people of Dreamworks and decided to spend part of our family day watching the film. Prior to the trip, we explained the concept of the theater to the little girl, how gigantic the screen was, how it would be dark but that we’d all be together, and how little girls who become big girls watch movies all the time.

“Bigger than our TV?” Sage asked suspiciously.

“Much, much bigger,” I replied.

“Really?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“Really,” I promised.

At the ticket counter I realized that I had to pay for three people now, because of course she had to have her own seat. I don’t know why that fact surprised me, considering we take her out to restos and paid for her own plane seat anyway.

Within moments of entering the theater, Sage, enveloped in darkness, sees the big screen.

“Dad!” she said in a stage whisper. “It’s so big! It’s really big!”

We found our seats and I pointed out Sage’s seat to her. She gamely climbed up and was promptly swallowed by the chair, which scoffed at her weight and flipped into the unoccupied position. I extended my left leg over and kept it down for her though later she would demand to sit with her mother.

She loved the movie and bought into the whole experience, peppering me and her mother with questions that would normally drive me insane if I were watching a movie alone. She laughed at the slapstick parts and applauded at the ones where applause seemed apropos, not minding the darkness one bit.

At one point, she stood up and shushed the kids beside her.

“Those kids are so loud, Mom!” she shouted above the movie dialogue. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud since I am notorious for picking fights with just about any loudmouth in a theater.

That’s my daughter – and now I know we can take her to just about anywhere.


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