Wednesday, June 15, 2005

into my eyes and ears

music: find your male, find your grail

Nikki and I have been listening delightedly to Broadway recording of Spamalot, winner of this year's Tony Award for Best Musical. Starring Tim Curry, Hank Azaria and David Hyde Pierce and based unabashedly on the classic 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail , the play features an entertaining set of clever lyrics and adequate music. I particularly fell hard for "The Song That Goes Like This", a poke in the eye for the "I Dreamed A Dream"-type of Broadway songs I particularly favor.

comics: girls and trojans

Among the pamphlets I picked up, I was struck by the Luna Brothers' Girls - a book that is difficult to put down despite the fact that it toes the border of misogyny (Nikki found it similarly engrossing).

The current issue of Bill Willingham's Fables has a throneroom assassination attempt and the wickedly beautiful Snow Queen. This story arc should read better in trade format.

Speaking of trades, the Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol.3 by Warren Ellis is a fun romp, returning the foursome to one of its strongest core conceits - explorers of wonder.

But the treasure this week is Age of Bronze: Sacrifice by Eric Shanower, continuing the slow unfolding of the Trojan War. My calculations tell me that I have roughly 7 years to go before the series ends and the trades are completed. By that time, Sage will be ten years old, but really, it's worth the wait.

video: the yellow family and other pirate booty

I gave in to temptation and got the monstrous box set that collects The Simpsons Seasons 1 to 5. This series is intelligently and consistently well-written and dates very well. My favorite, of course, is Lisa, but my heart goes out to Homer.

Justice League Unlimited is the most exciting series on the air. Nikki and I make a little game of identifying all the background characters with nonspeaking parts - and it feels like a crossover with almost every episode. The second volume DVD contains 5 episodes, but the one featuring the uberhot Hawkgirl did it for me.

From Pirate Billy's stash (how can my favorite pirate still not have Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle?), I got John Water's A Dirty Shame (2004), John Stephenson's Five Children and It (2004) (remember Nesbitt's Sandfairy story?), Patrice Leconte's L' Homme du train (2002), Uli Edel's Ring of the Nibelungs (2004), Takashi Shimizu's The Grudge (2004), Nicole Kassell's The Woodsman (2004), and because I wondered whatever happened to Christian Slater - Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark (2005).

If Batman Begins fails to enrapture me this weekend, I have a selection of things to watch. And while we're on comics-into-films, I can't help but shudder at the thought of the film adaptation of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta, helmed by James McTeigue and starring Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond and Hugo Weaving as V. Oh my god.

fiction: catch-up

I actually made it through the week without buying a new book (gasp), deciding instead to try and catch up on my accumulated pile of things to read. Yes, it's a cruel life, being a book addict, isn't it Banzai Cat?


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