Wednesday, July 20, 2005

friends, romans, countrymen

I'll be on the radio tonight - Jam 88.3 at 7 to 8PM. Jaime Bautista and I will be talking about writing for comics, a topic we can talk about endlessly.

Listen and see if I make a fool of myself ;)


Wow, that was fun! It was a bit of a challenge to compress "writing for comics" within 3 or 4 5-minute segments, but I tried my best. I was happy to be with Jamie who asked all the right questions and Lara who was the epitome of cool.

It's very different talking on the radio. I think I do better with live crowds of different sizes. Nikki compared me to Black Orchid, unable to exude my pheromones, which is somehow true. But really, I was afraid of saying "fuck" or "shit" or the other words that are forbidden on-air. That, and the fact that it was after a long day at work and my brains were dangerously close to resembling the clay brain that Sage took home the other day. But still, it was fun - watching the synapses of my mind attempt to answer questions in an understandable fashion.

Lara was great! We were chatting up a storm before the show and during the segment breaks, ranging from my mother's stunning purchase of our whippet Max to industry gossip (such as it is - wala naman talaga).

Before the show ended, my inner media whore was given the opportunity to plug Siglo: Passion, Project: Hero, and this blog.

Much thanks again to Jamie, Lara and Jam 88.3.


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