Monday, July 04, 2005

heroic agenda

The comic book gang is getting together to produce a new year-ender anthology different from Siglo: Passion. Where my agenda for the Siglo series is to showcase the comic book form as a medium for "serious" sequential literature, the new antho dances to a completely different drummer.

Project: Hero (the codename, not the final title) will be a collection of superhero stories, void of any agenda (no social commentary, gender issues, or literary chip-on-the-shoulder kind of things) except for one: to write, illustrate and produce stories that capture the zap! wow! moments of two-fisted fun that got us all reading and loving comics in the first place. We'll create new heroes from scratch and attempt to have a little fun. No slice-of-life vignettes here "sparkling with epiphanic dew" - just a rush of madcap creative stretching.

So this Christmas, see what we manage to come up with when we're not possessed by serious shit: Carlo Vergara (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah), Marco Dimaano (Angel Ace, K.I.A.), Andrew Drilon (Wapak!), Elbert Or & Jaime Bautista (Cast), Nikki Alfar ("Twilight's Calling" in Mango Jam), Jason Banico (Baylans), Vin Simbulan (Isaw Atbp.) and me plus a few surprise creators.

I'm toying around with a Silver Age/Legion of Superheroes story, but we'll see what happens when I actually begin writing.


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