Friday, July 29, 2005

hurray for comics

I just wanted to say that with the current things happening in the DC Universe (especially with the "Sacrifice" storyline that ran in the Superman and Wonder Woman monthlies and tied in with the latest issue of OMAC), comics are incredibly fun again. And kickass (so much for my vow to never get monthly pamplets again).

Under the guidance of writers Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka, incredible things are happening that make my jaded jaw drop and my equally jaded wife squirm in helpless delight (well, if you were Wonder Woman and Superman tried to throw you into the sun, wouldn't you be a bit miffed?). There is a sense of continuity again, or even better, a sense that there is a larger story being told. And because we're regular readers, Nikki and I spent an enjoyable evening thrilling to the spot-on characterization of these costumes placed in previously unthinkable situations.

I love it when comics are brilliantly written and able to draw me into four-color realities. It's something I hope to never ever outgrow.


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