Monday, August 01, 2005

dwarf bunnies and other logistical conundrums

We finally found a breeder of Drwaf Rabbits, those adorable short-eared Lapines, but the extra-challenge is that they're quite a distance from the city. Logistical woes accompany the operations of practically every business, and my pet store is not exempt, but the difficulties of transporting live animals over a span greater than a point within the city limits are a bit daunting. Sadly, this supplier is unwilling to deliver the rabbits, so arrangements need to be made.

In addition, my new suppliers of birds and other related sundry is in the opposite direction, pushing the need for us to purchase a vehicle - the cost of which I'm loathe to consider at this time.

My first shipment of items from Taiwan is also being prepped, and the challenge there is understanding the intricacies of freight. Really, I thought it would be a breeze, but the red tape alone is enough to make one dizzy. To compound it further, there are separate processes for air and sea and all the assorted steps on both governments' sides make the more expensive door-to-door services of Fedex seem like possible alternatives.

My order from the supplier in the US is also somewhat in limbo as I find myself daunted by the sheer cost of things. At this rate, it will be cheaper to put everything in a balikbayan box and have it sent by a relative, instead of either shipping via freight or courier.

Ideally, everything would be available in a nearby town or city, but that's simply not the case. I wish I had all the money to throw at these problems (cue: "If I were a Rich Man") so inventive solutions have to be reached - which is part of what makes entrepreneurship fun. I actually enjoy working with limitations - it gets the old creativity going.


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