Wednesday, August 10, 2005

mama and papa

In an odd and rare confluence of events, I was able to have lunch with my dad (visiting briefly here in Manila, he lives in Las Vegas with his new wife) and share one of my life's happiest moments - especially since my mother joined us for a while.

Remember that they've been divorced for years and married to other people - but to me, their only son, the sad fantasy of a reunion has always been a tiny impossible hope, kindled by a little boy who longed for a whole family. I know of course that it's not meant to be, that choices they made cannot be unmade and that the trajectories of everyone's hearts and lives have gone every which way.

But you know, for the fifteen minutes my mother and my father and I were there, I was like a little boy again, happily telling them about my novel that won the Palanca, showing off like I was eight years old. It may sound a little pathetic, but to me, it meant the world seeing the pride in my parents' eyes. It was first time I was able to share - with my parents, both physically present - my small personal achievements.

Then the spell was over and it was back to reality. Papa left with his new wife to go to Baguio before flying back to Vegas, Mama went off to the Hyatt to meet her ladies group and later link up with my stepfather - and I went to work.


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