Monday, August 01, 2005

sex text

One my hats (on my hat-rack of curiosities) is that of a sex columnist. I was delighted to write, because I've always found the hypocritical stance of people who look at porn but refuse to admit it more than irritating. Sex is healthy and sexual fantasies are also healthy. It's only the true prudes who think, up to this day, that there is something dirty about sex and its myriad configurations and expressions.

There are people who cannot distinguish, let's say, the difference between erotica and porn, and are members of the stuck-up folk who will cover their eyes in shock at the nudity in paintings displayed in museum galleries. Some of the most incredible literary works are considered by some to be pornography. But sadly, the prudes have major points in their argument, especially since I cannot defend all porn - there are some that are just so abhorrent and detestable and run contrary to the celebratory spirit of sexual expression that I believe in.

Sex is about imagination, self-control, release and play. It is something fundamental and part of our physiognomy and psyche. And it is certainly not meant exclusively for procreation. It's meant to be enjoyed, talked about, written about, expressed in various artistic media - and, most importantly, as an experience it is owned and is common to all, regardless of gender and gender preference. But obviously, there is responsibility involved, as well as propriety (you can't just get hot and do it in the middle of the skating rink at SM Megamall; well, not unless you're really daring, willing to be arrested, and perform well under cold pressure), in the everyday expression of sex between two or more consenting people of legal age. A healthy fantasy life permits the mind and libido to venture to different places and is actually vital, in my experience, in a sexually-active relationship (what people should focus on is the line between fantasy and reality).

Like sex texts, for example. Whenever I travel abroad, one of the sections I immediately check out at various bookstores is the erotic section. And on the internet, I also look around, like my wife does (she wrote and helped develop a series of fantastic animated vignettes, for example, based on fairy tales - Snow As Blood- and the Arabian Nights - I'm not sure we can give them away here, but you can them on the internet if you're both savvy and determined). Remember, I'm the guy who came across/started blogging because I was trawling the net for porn - a fact I mentioned at the iBlog Summit.

Some recommendations, if you're so inclined:

Are you Heterotextual? If so, then head over here for fantasies and scenarios of the straight and narrow kind. Here you’ll find all sorts of things happening, from one-on-one to group action plus little doses of the unexpected.

Want to read up on girl on girl action? Head on over to the Lesbian Stories category at There are all kinds of flavors here including fan fic and slash fic. For example, if you’ve ever wondered what an encounter between Britney and Madonna would be like, or imagined Buffy and Willow between the sheets, then you can read the fantasy right here. The more vanilla stuff is also available, and if you have secret yearnings to read other stuff you’d be embarrassed to admit, check out the navigation on the left. No one will ever know. Well, except you.

Homotextual, bi or just plain curious? Then bone up on how the other side plays over at the Erotic Stories section of Men On The Net. There are even a number set in the Philippines, for the social realist in you. (You will have to find the Morpheus/Corinthian Slash joked about by Neil Gaiman on your own though - as well as all the Harry Potter/Malfoy lemons).

If you’re in the mood for BDSM, I’ve got the perfect site for you – The BDSM Library. Not for uninitiated and easily shocked, BDSM is truly an acquired taste. The letters stand for the following combinations: Bondage and Discipline (BD), Domination and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM). So it’s the place to visit if you’re in the mood for a little spanking, a little rope or a little light humiliation. Remember though that there is a fine line between reading this stuff and actually doing it.

And I'm not even writing about all the sexy blogs I've found. There's a lot out there, safe and at your fingertips. So read on, explore and play nice (and if you feel like writing a little kink, send me the story - hmmm, maybe an unabashed erotic anthology along literary lines is in the cards).


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