Tuesday, September 06, 2005

speculative fiction antho update

After talking to my designer and the printer, I found out that I actually had room, page-wise, for two more stories (my initial ultra-conservative assessment was simply too conservative).

Now of course I had already sent out letters to everyone informing them about their status, but I wasn't about to let a little embarassment ("nakakahiya naman, e nasabihan ko na sila") stop me from contacting the authors of the two stories I wanted to add to the antho. Remember my list of "Honorable Mentions"? There was a pair of stories that I cut out initially, mostly due to the page restrictions. Well, I called both authors up and explained the situation. I'm happy to say that both authors agreed to be included.

And so, thank you and welcome to Gabriela Lee ("Instructions on How to Disappear") and Tyron Caliente ("The Doppler Effect").

There. That made my day. :)


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