Tuesday, October 11, 2005

novel 2

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Okay, I've registered and will begin writing whatever it is I'll be writing on November 1st.

I'm thinking either high fantasy set in a world where Craftwork is magic, or a modern socio-political magic realist take on beauty pageants, or some seriously convoluted young adult speculative fiction with kids running and being chased as they go on a quest for Jose Rizal's lost airship designs. Or something sexy. I'll know when the date hits.

And somehow, I need to get started on the comissioned novel for next year. Bah! We'll get through this with sheer willpower - and the promise of something desirable at the end of things (last year it was unlimited Pokemon play that was my carrot, plus a bunch of lovely books).

If you haven't yet, go and register (or reactivate your account if you were a previous year's participant) here. As far as I know, Banzai Cat, ">Anton , Charles, and Inez are going to hunker down with me next month.

Sali ka na.


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