Monday, November 14, 2005

work work work

November is one of the peak months in terms of activity for my agency. We're all running around, balancing working on existing projects, pitching for new ones and keeping ourselves sane. It's all necessary, of course.

We work on the projects we worked hard to win: these are a mix of year-long requirements and one-offs, including a spate of seasonal projects. We go into competition against other agencies and shops to get new projects and new clients: the great thing is when new clients call us out of the blue, because of referrals from other happy clients, inviting us to make a presentation (this is also one of my favorite activities - the deep thought and analysis, the preparations, the brainstorming, the design process, and the presentation to a board). And we do things to keep sane: in my case, it's mostly shifting focus to another project or stepping out for a smoke.

So it's hectic and tiring and everyone is pulling long hours. But that's the nature of the business so no one is complaining. I like the way my crew looks at these different tasks as challenges to be conquered. It's an attitude I admire and appreciate in people.

The silver lining (or the carrot, depending on how you personally motivate yourself and your employees) is that the more business we generate and execute well, the longer we stay in business. This translates to raises, bonuses, outings, vacations, dinners, celebrations and financial security for all concerned. So it's all good.

Sadly, no amount of guerilla-writing can obviate the very simple fact that I cannot make time to write anything creative (outside of copy and concepts for clients). So there is no novel this year. I'm not killing myself over it though. There'll be time next year, when things are not as hectic. Either that or I book an entire month of vacation time just to write - which would kill me because I'd (shudder) miss work.

So for now, I'm going to coast on the results of previous labor and enjoy the upcoming books I worked on or helped put together. Once in a while, I must concede that the spirit is willing but there are just not enough hours in the day - because, unlike Jeff Ford, I need to sleep.


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