Thursday, December 29, 2005

story philippines...perhaps

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I just got a happy acceptance note from Story Philippines, that giant-sized new literary publication that debuted a month or so ago (with stories from Phil Spec Fic pioneers Sarge Lacuesta and Kit Kwe). One of my stories (The Maiden & The Crocodile) has been selected for publication in the upcoming February issue. Problem is, it previously appeared in one of my own comic books (ab ovo). I wrote the Editor to explain, and the decision is his.

Even if my story is ultimately not published in this mag because of it previous appearance, I'm actually okay. "Maiden" was written as a experiment in tone, structure and language and is part of the Hinirang cycle of storie (which includes "L'Aquilone du Estrellas", "Terminos", "Rosang Taba", "Sabados con Fray Villalobos", and a number of others); it will be part of my first short fiction collection in 2006 or thereabouts.

And it is my fault for not paying attention to the guidelines. Though honestly, I really wasn't aware as this is something I look at before I submit to various publications - it's always in my best interest to follow the rules, after all. Still, mea culpa.

But of course I do hope the editor accepts it. It would be a wonderful birthday gift (that's right rabbit, I turn 37 on January 2nd).


Update (12/30/05)

The letter I sent got a note back from the editor that said "No problem at all. Thanks, Dean." which I think means the story will be published, so yay! However, I could somehow be reading the terse but happy message wrong and frankly, I'm too embarassed to confirm (kasi naman, parang ang kulit di ba?). So bahala na, let's see what the February issue of the magazine brings.


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