Wednesday, March 08, 2006



day off

The fates, having a cruel sense of humor and knowing that I put on 30 lbs. whenever I'm on air, decided to send over Carmina Villaruel to my store - Petty Pets - to tape an segment for her show, "Day Off". (And no, I won't be cruel and make small talk about how her ex-husband came out of the closet on national TV).

The concept is cool, actually. They pick a deserving working person and treat them to a day off. In this case, it's a chambermaid from a local hotel. Petty Pets will give her some animals as part of her reward.

As the owner, I've been requested to be there and have incidental exposure. Gah. It'll be more like indecent exposure, you'll see. The show tapes this Friday afternoon (the faxed request came on a GMA letterhead, but the show airs on QTV, which means GMA owns QTV, I suppose).

murder by design

It took a State of Emergency to postpone it (resulting in me thinking it was rescheduled for last week) but Murder by Design is set for this Saturday, March 11.. I'll be speaking on how to set up your very own design company and hopefully won't make a fool of myself. Details here.

If the previous arrangements hold, I'll be a sitting duck for Studio 23's interviewers. Gah.

read or die

On Saturday, March 25 at 4pm, I'll be speaking about Speculative Fiction at Powerbooks Megamall. Joining me will be Vin Simbulan, Andrew Drilon and Nikki Alfar. Since this is not a televised thing, I'm perfectly happy LOL

I relish opportunities to champion the cause of spec fic. I'll speak about putting together the first Philippine spec fic antho. Now I just have to hunker down and write my key notes - but it should be fun.


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