Wednesday, March 08, 2006

latitude TOC

For some reason, Photobucket refuses to display the cover image and the sensible part of me has run screaming back to my cave.

Anyway, here's the back cover blurb:

Latitude is the first literary collaboration between the UK and the Philippines, collecting short fiction from seven Scottish and seven Filipino writers, ranging from the young and newly-discovered to the internationally-published and well-established.

Here's the TOC:

A Directors Story
Graham Bell

We Global Men
Butch Dalisay

Lizard Luck
Mark Waddell

Que Lastima! Espero Que Tu Se Mejore
Menchu Aquino Sarmiento

Re: Torturing
Mela Vich

Shut Up And Live
Lakambini A. Sitoy

Like a Pendulum in Glue
Toni Davidson

Collateral Damage
Maria L. M. Fres-Felix

After they’d gone
Zoë Strachan

Angelo R. Lacuesta

The Magpie
Adrian Searle

Hollow Girl: A Romance
Dean Francis Alfar

Things I Know Are True Because Hollywood Says So.
Iain Maloney

Luis Katigbak

Young Lochinvar
Louise Welsh

Old Shoes
Alfred A. Yuson

Edited by Angelo R. Lacuesta and Toni Davidson

I really think that this was such a cool project.

I think something similar should be done for speculative fiction - which reminds me of a thread over at Banzai Cat's. Hmmm. A spec fic antho, half stories of the fantastic from the Indian subcontinent and half from our archipelago. Hmmm again.


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