Tuesday, April 18, 2006

do note fear tomorrow

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(Photo by Jove Francisco)

Despite the fact that I was feeling dehydrated and almost overwhelmed by heat (especially in the car on the way to UP), I had a great time at the iBlog2. I spoke about writing in the context of blogging, and how it can benefit an author. I think it went well.

Well, not quite. Towards the very end of my talk, a mispelled word appeared on my powerpoint presentation (that's what I get for guerilla writing LOL), so instead of "Do not fear tomorrow", it read "Do note fear tomorrow". Ay naku talaga!

I was happy to renew acquaintances and meet new friends whose blogs I peruse. Thanks to all the people who attended my speech (despite my spelling indiscretion, the bloggers who bought copies of Salamanca, and the organizers who made the event possible (with special shout outs to JJ Disini and Janette Toral). And to Jove Francisco for the photo!

Power to the Filipino Blogger!


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