Wednesday, April 26, 2006

palanca entries

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Well, Nikki and I are done and have submitted all our entries plus the necessary notarized authorization forms, resumes and entry forms for each manuscript for the Palanca Awards. As we have for the past two years, we submitted via email, saving on the cost of having to print out four copies of each entry. It's a two step process: first, send everything digitally; second; send the original notarized form before April 30th. I'm having my messenger deliver our forms by the end of day today, so all this paperwork is done.

All that happens now (providing nothing silly occurs to the digital entries en route) is the usual waiting until June (when whispers of the short listed entries begin to circulate), July (when incomplete roster of winners per category begin to reach certain ears, courtesy of loose lips), August (when the winners are officially declared and informed via mail), and September 1st (when winners, judges and the Palanca family gather together to celebrate).

I was a bit more relaxed about my entries this year (but by no means less serious). I started out early in January with a long list of categories I thought I'd compete in. As time passed and work at the office piled up, I found myself in reduced circumstances and began to strike off things that would be impossible to complete, given my realities: the full length play, for example, would have to wait another year. My biggest decision was about Futuristic Fiction. One of my stories won the award previously, and the entire scifi-ness of the category obviously fits into my spec fic agenda, but I wasn't too thrilled with what I managed to write. The story could be a contender, but right now it needs a lot of rewrites, more spit and polish, so I opted not to enter it. I've entered 3 other categories, all in the English Division.

Win or lose, I'm happy about competing and flexing my writerly muscles, so all is good. Nikki and I overlap in two categories, and I'm delighted to face off against my wife (I think her short fiction beats mine but I will fight to the bitter end - haha).

We'll see how things go.

Good luck to everyone who entered this year!


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