Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Apart from American Idol (three evenings a week now as we go to the Top 12), Dino contributed tons of stuff to the pile of happy distractions that I use NOT to write (haha):

Grease: You're the One that I Want - Honestly, Nikki and I tried to get into this reality show that looks for the new Sandy and Danny for David Ian's $10M production of Grease. Ultimately though, it was just too cheesy for our taste and it seemed there wasn't really much of a competition. And too long (by the time the auditions were over, the first live elimination show was two hours long and instead of reducing 12 to 10...they added another pair of poor performers).

The Legion of Super Heroes - Admittedly the die hard Legion fan in me is delighted (hey, I've spent a small fortune on those hardbound Legion Archives), but I do find the pacing too slow and I want a lot more Legionnaires than who we have. And Braniac 5 as a mechathingy is just ugh. But I will happily watch the series.

Supernatural - This hour long show features the Winchester brothers battling the evil-nasty-of-the-week. The premise quickly gets old and predictable. I find my mind drifting as a disengage while being a couch potato. There are a few small moments though, but I need to more scared or struck by a sense of OMG-what-is-that?! Right now, around 7 or 8 episodes in, I'm reminded too much of that older cursed item of the week TV series, Friday the Thirteenth: The Series (remember Robey?)

Hellboy Animated: Storm of Swords - Yay! I just wish darker tones were used, but this is generally good. I've been a big Mignola fan for years now (now if only there could be Mike Allred's Atomics Animated, I'd be a hppy man).

The Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons - I was in my early teens when I first watched these animated films and remembered loving them. Sadly, in the case of The Last Unicorn, the lens of memory was better than the reality. The pacing was too slow, the music hokey, and the characterization stiff (but I still laughed at the tree with giant breasts). Flight of Dragons fared better, with much forgivable. It made me sad to hear John Ritter's voice again. Perhaps some things are better remembered than experienced again.

Rob & Amber: Against the Odds - Boring from the first episode but maybe only because I do not play poker. I preferred Rob's scheming in Survivor and The Amazing Race. But junkie that I am, I will probably get around to watching the entire series some time in the future.

Idol is still the reality show to watch. The girls gave great performances and blew the guys out of the water. Plus the associated Idol things (Antonella's faux blowjob photos, Hudson winning the Oscar, Daughtry's song as the exit song) make it quite fulfilling for the zombie in me.

I also love Heroes, of course (with Prison Break and Jericho lagging behind).

I've also seen a few films recently like Little Miss Sunshine, The Queen, Scoop, something with Antonio Banderas dancing, Babel.. but the best is Little Miss Sunshine (my choice for Best Pciture - hi Ian! - but I'm happy with Alan Arkin get the Best Supporting Actor nod).

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