Monday, March 12, 2007


Gah. Woke up before 7AM to get to my 8AM shoot which lasted until just past 7PM, then took an hourlong cab ride back home.

I wish -like Sara, our photographer - that I had a spa appointment immediately afterwards. But the nice thing about coming home tired is seeing my wife and daughter, all smiles (despite Nikki being under the weather).

Sage read to me her graduation speech (she still has a year to go, but the school asked her to read on behalf of the other kids) and I was truly impressed. I know I started reading quite early in my life but perhaps not as early as she has.

I have a ton of work waiting for me tomorrow, which is what I get for not stepping foot in my office all day today. It is easy to be dispirited so instead I'll take it all as a challenge to simply get through the day one task at a time. After all, after catching a screening of 300 last night, I have enough testoterone to last me for the next few days - bushed or not.



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