Wednesday, March 07, 2007

heroes and lost

Nikki and I caught up with two of favorite shows (with multiple unviewed episodes of Jericho slated for tonight): Lost and Heroes.

I used to be one of the biggest Lost fans but now have definitely fallen on the wayside. As I watched the 5 latest episodes, I feel my interest deteriorate and disengage. I think that too many subplots and unanswered mysteries piled one on top of the other without any degrees of answers or resolutions has ruined this show. Additionally, characterization has suffered and the entire Season 3 6-espisode mini-thingie with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the Others was terrible. It took us away from the rest of the cast at the beach and deflated the sense of urgency and wonder (what happened to the bear? the black smoke? the eerieness? talk of this being purgatory?). I will still watch the series, but won't be surprised if somehow it gets cancelled. Already, the show has severely dipped in ratings, losing viewers to Heroes and Jericho. Sadly, Lost is being positioned as how not to do serialized TV (read this). I hope that the producers and writers do something to bring back what worked with Lost. But from a fantastic Season 1 to a mediocre and meandering Season 2 to a dead-in-the-water Season 3, the decline speaks of a bleaker future.

Heroes, on the other hand, consistently delivers, providing one of the best episodes we've seen (Ep 17: Company Man). While I am still irritated by the voiceover and the very existence of Peter Petrelli, most of the series elements work. Characterization is terrific and I like how little mysteries are answered. I thought this series started weakly (and still do - the pilot can be improved) but I'm along for the ride.

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