Friday, May 11, 2007


A couple of hours ago, my laptop began to slow down and ultimately refused to respond to anything. I couldn't open any document or start a program or go online.

After trying to be calm and doing what little I knew about such things, I finally gave in to the inevitable - I'm locked out of my laptop, which has everything work-related as well as all of my writing.

I do have a back-up CD of the most important files (around a month old, I back up every couple of months or so) so I'm not so terrified that I've lost everything (unlike previous crashes, when, not having learned my lesson, I didn't back up and indeed lost everything over and over). But when this crash is fixed, I will still have lost around a month's worth of work and writing, which makes me want to... gah.

The timing of this crash is lousy too. The man who fixes my office machines is in Cebu. Which means the next few days, I'll be one of the walking wounded (even my PDA phone uses the laptop to charge), reduced to using someone else's machine (which, for me, is like wearing someone's underwear) or (gasp) writing in longhand. This means I won't a power point presentation for the LitCritters workshop over at A Different Bookstore in Eastwood tomorrow. And I won't have my notes for the RPG I run tonight.

With a couple of campaigns for my favorite apparel client to write, I sat down in my office with a piece of paper and a pen and lasted for all of five minutes, before the atrophied muscles in my right hand screamed in protest. I struggled on, of course, but at the end of my efforts, I could barely decipher my chicken scrawls.

Part of my is actually considering devoting some time to learning how to write in longhand again. But the thought of editing makes me reconsider. I've grown quite accustomed to the power of Word. But I do like receiving handwritten letters and postcards (as opposed to email) because it's much more personal (and I can appreciate the effort). Having said that though, nothing beats the convenience of word processing, so at the end of this ramble what am I really saying?

Who knows. I just want my laptop back.



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