Tuesday, May 15, 2007

...it lives!

After what seemed liked an eternity, my laptop and I were reunited yesterday afternoon. It seems okay now, but I cannot help but think that the same thing will happen again (cynic vs. realist vs. fatalist, you choose).

So despite the happy reunion, I'm still a bit emotionally distant. And am now saving up for an external drive. Sadly, getting a mac is just not in the cards, no matter how tempting it is (and also, like I said to Maryanne Moll, no fountain pens - because then I'd be the second incarnation of my literary idol Butch Dalisay haha).

Three days without my laptop literally meant no writing (yes, I know I could have scrawled letters with my blood on the floor) - which, in a way, was oddly liberating. In a way that a junkie, unable to score a hit, oddly feels liberated.

As I sat reading on the bed, I surreptitiously watched Nikki typing away at her laptop. I must admit that I (what is that old testament word? ah, yes) coveted her machine. Even if I would not write anything with it.

But now, I'm okay.

(Nothing to see here, move on.)



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