Monday, May 28, 2007

long days

Last week felt too long, with not much time for blogging.

I attended the 2-day Philippine Marketing Association annual event, this time called "Da Marketing Code". It was hell getting to the Sofitel Philippine Plaza and back, but I was happy in general with the speakers and the topics discussed. My favorite talk was by M. Villanueva of Publicis, who gave a thoroughly engaging speech on what the big ad agencies are doing to adapt to the new order. Useful stuff for someone in my shoes.

I finally got to visit the new Ayala mall over at EDSA/North Avenue. With only about half of their retailers in place, walking around Trinoma was an odd experience. It doesn't quite feel like an Ayala property yet (though the layout and architecture make poor SM North EDSA look like the big box that it is). The shops and services I like are present there (or will be present) so it seems like someplace I can take Sage.

There was also some writing to be done, clients to visit, projects to manage and by the time Saturday came, I was just happy to crash.



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