Friday, August 31, 2007

monster radio + kite launch + anvil fantasy

I was on RX93 last night, along with Gwen Galvez of Anvil, Kristin Mandigma of Read or Die, and Blooey Singson of Press Inc. to talk about the Book Fair - and of course my new book, The Kite of Stars and Other Stories - plus all sorts of questions such as "Are the Filipinos still reading?" and so on.

DJ Raffy Reyes was a great host and I think we managed to get a lot of information out into the aether. Thanks to the Book Fair folk and RX93 for having me there!

Kite Launch

First of all, the collection is available at the Book Fair, over at the Anvil booth, in two editions: book paper (P500+) and newsprint (P200+). I'm not sure, but I think it will be available in various bookstores after the launch - though it is also possible that it will be made available sooner.

I'd like to invite everyone to the launch of "The Kite of Stars and Other Stories" on September 29, 2007 (Saturday) at 4PM. The venue is Bestsellers at the top level of Robinson's Galleria.

Food, fun and fiction await! Bring friends and share the joy (and, he says with a grin, buy the book). If things go as planned, the LitCritters will perform the title story (I know, what are we thinking)!

Anvil Fantasy

Anvil Fantasy is the newest imprint of Anvil Publishing. If you have a manuscript, send it in (contact details are available over at their website). Bonus points if your novel is geared towards a young adult readership.

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