Wednesday, October 31, 2007

derivation of names

For the curious (from some bands on my ipod):

A-Ha - keyboardist Mags Furuholmen chose name as universal expression
Art of Noise - name of Italian futurist manifesto
Bangles - forced to change name from The Bangs due to existing band
B-52s - Southern Us nickname for bouffant hairstyle adopted by its female members
Cure - originally Easy Cure, stock phrase of the day (1976)
Depeche Mode - from a French fashion magazine, meaning 'Fast Fashion'
Devo - from the film 'Truth About De-evolution', Ann Arbor film fest winner
Dexy's Midnight Runners - slang for Dexedrine
Doors - from Aldous Huxlet book 'The Doors of Perception'
Duran Duran - first gig at Barbarella's, named after Jane Fonda film
Echo and the Bunnymen - Echo was nickname of their drum machine
Everything But The Girl - after second-hand furniture shop
Fine Young Cannibals - after Robert Wagner/Natale Wood film
Flock of Seagulls - after 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' by Richard Bach
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - headline in Variety about Sinatra moving to Los Angeles
Grateful Dead - from Egyptian Book of the Dead
INXS - orginally named Farriss Brothers after 3 band members, changed to pun on In Excess
Joy Division - Nazi slang for military brothel
Kraftwerk - German for power plant (their synths)
Level 42 - from Douglas Adams' Hitch Hiker's Guide, the answer to the meaning of life
Manhattan Transfer - from books by Jon Dos Passos
Men at Work - from road sign 'Danger: Men at Work'
New Order - after suicide of Ian Curtis, Joy Division became New Order, also a Nazi term
Pet Shop Boys - named for friends who worked in an Ealing pet shop
Psychedelic Furs - from Velvet Underground hit 'Venus in Furs'
REO Speedwagon - from an early make of fire engine, Ransom E. Olds Speedwagon
Roxy Music - from Roxy cinema chain
Scritti Politti - from Italian phrase for 'political writing'
Simply Red - after hair color of lead singer Mick Hucknall
Smiths - suggest anonymity its members are said to have sought
Soft Cell - pun on 'soft sell'
Spandau Ballet - oxymoron to give effect
Supremes - orginally the Primettes as they supported the Primes (Temptations)
Tears for Fears - from Arthur Janov's book on primal theraphy 'Prisoners of Pain'
Thompson Twins - from the Herge's Tintin characters
UB40 - from designation of Unemployment Benefit form



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