Sunday, October 28, 2007

personal publishing status

As a working writer, it is important for me to have work published once in a while. I have a few stories coming up the rest of the year and early next year:

Chasing Aurora - Philippine Daily Inquirer
In the Dim Plane - Philippine Genre Stories
Princes of the Sultanate - Story Philippines
The Middle Prince - Tales of Fantasy and Enchantment, ed. by Cristina Hidalgo
Princess Ribbit (with Nikki Alfar) - Story Junior
Strange Weather - Story Philippines

Also, I have my fingers crossed for "Poor, Poor Luisa", submitted to Adarna House. If that works out, I'll have my first storybook (thanks for the encouragement, Zarah!).

I begin writing a new novel (yes, I am a glutton for stress and anxiety) on Thursday, the first of November. We'll see how things turn out.



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