Tuesday, November 06, 2007

psf iii - the road to publication

With covers and layout complete, we've turned over all the digital files and guide print outs to the printer. We expect to see cover proofs and the blueprints of the inner pages by this weekend, so we can make final corrections or adjustments. After that, we'll give the go signal for printing and the next time we see the stories we've been working on, they'll all be in a book.

Then we'll have the book launch at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street on December 8th, continue marketing and selling the book to the bookstores, take time off, and begin the process for Philippine Speculative Fiction IV.

On reflection, it's hard to believe we'll have the third volume out by next month. Has it been three years already since I first began?

*update: PSF III's ISBN - 978-971-9343-2-8 (I'm quite relieved to have an ISBN because for the past two years, the National Library has been insisting that the antho series is a periodical - thus warranting an ISSN instead. But it IS a book, so there.)



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