Wednesday, January 30, 2008

governing angels

One of the stories I'm working on may or may not feature angels. If I do decide to go angelic, then I'll need names and such. Interestingly enough, there are 12 governing angels for each of the 12 months:

January - Gabriel
February - Barchiel
March - Machidiel
April - Asmodel
May - Ambriel
June - Muriel
July - Verchel
August - Hamaliel
September - Uriel
October - Barbiel
November - Advachiel
December - Hanael

Looking at the list, I'll have to come up with alternatives for Gabriel (too commonly known), Muriel (no offense to Muriel, but it sounds like someone's old aunt in a dull paisley dress), Uriel (known, though less commonly)... and Barbiel (because Barbie as an angel is sounds like something Matthel will releases as a direct to DVD movie really soon, with cutie cherubs and accessories) - now I must be careful when October comes around.

April's Asmodel sounds decidedly delicious, along with November's Advachiel.

But, as usual with me, we'll see.



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