Wednesday, March 05, 2008

writing with vin

For the past couple of nights, I've been writing in the evenings at my best friend's pad (just an elevator ride down from mine) where my nicotine addiction can be sated.

The amazing thing is that I was actually able to complete a couple of stories while Vin and I sat across from each other, pounding away at our respective laptops. Amazing, because I fully expected him to interrupt me every 2 minutes - and yet he maintained his writerly silence and only engaged me when I stood up to relieve myself. With two stories to finish, he had matters of his own to attend to.

I still prefer to work by myself but I'm happy to note that his presence is not at all a hindrance to writing. Once in a while, it is even I who disturb him.

Years ago, when he used to manage his store at Megamall, I'd visit him and we'd take turns writing on his decrepit virus-infested PC. We'd toss ideas and scenes at each other and end up writing stories or parts of stories. Forlorn, that world devastated by evil things, came into being at one of those times. Plus various comic book projects and many other creative things besides.

One of the things I love about him is that his passion for fantasy makes mine look like a one night's stand. He, along with Nikki (and on a couple of occassions, Sage), reads my news stories first, and has always been an encouragement.

Oh, and he gives me Coke Zero when I'm writing there.



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