Friday, April 18, 2008

spec fic on tv

Finished taping segment for 'Korina Today", a talk show of Korina Sanchez. We talked about spec fic, "The Middle Prince" and writing, and I was freezing my balls off (nobody told me that the studio would be so cold). With me were fellow contributors to Jing Hidalgo's antho "Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy" Carljoe Javier and Samantha Exchavez. I'm delighted that Jing's book was featured. My hope, of course, is that it encourages more people to write the literature of the fantastic. The show airs today at 6PM and 11PM today, ANC.

I also got invited by Linda Panlilio to contribute to her next antho (her previous antho, "The Manila We Knew", won the National Book Award last year over -sob- PSF2), which has a very interesting premise and an formidable roster of contributors - but it should be fun.



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