Friday, September 06, 2002

A new blog, a fresh start - thanks to Ate Cyn!

I will be writing new stuff, as soon as we catch up on past times.

So what has happened in the past week?

Last Tuesday, Sept 3, we all trooped to the National Book Awards where “Isaw, Atbp.” was recognized by the Manila Critics Circle as the Best Comic Book (believe me, I felt that Carl Vergara’s “One Night in Purgatory” was just as deserving). This anthology of Mike Simbulan & Marco Dimaano’s stories illustrated by Arnold Arre, Carl Vergara & Marco, with poetry by Tobie Abad, Emrys Capati, Mike, Nikki and myself – edited by Nikki Alfar – is available at all branches of Comicquest (SM Mega Mall, SM City, Festival Mall).

The trophy emblazoned with Nikki’s name is just a hoot to look at, now prominently displayed at Mike’s store.

Anyway, we celebrated at North Park, a Chinese restaurant along Wilson St. in Greenhills, and continued our groups’ devious plans for world domination. It was also our way of celebrating Arnold’s birthday (we of course teased him about also technically winning the NBA this year, making it 3 in a row), the upcoming launch of his “After Eden” (lovely lovely book), Ate Cyn’s sexy do, and the friendship that we all share (how’s that for maudlin?).

True Love

During dinner, talk turned to Blogs, and the brave (or more egotistical) among us decided to take a shot. Cynthia kindly offered to fix mine up (because I wailed about all the bells and whistles on all the other blogs I’ve seen), Jason set his Blog up, with Dino Yu readying his for our edification soon.

There’s something different about writing Blogs. For me, its discipline because I feel I must have something for both myself and my gentle, invisible reader. The fact that other people will read this makes its necessary to write in a clearer way – although that won’t stop me from the occasional masturbatory ladedah. LOL

My friends at the barkada mailing list are also curious about Blogs, especially Deric Atienza, my globetrotting buddy. Deric! I think a Blog would fit you just fine!

Marc, one of my Pipeline Media partners, is a new dad! Teret gave birth to a bouncing baby boy (why do people say bouncing? Its not as if the doctor drops the baby or anything) named Antonio Lucas Pison at the same hospital where Sage was born. Thinking about the next generation makes me feel old, as usual. What’s interesting to consider is that these children will grow up with technology, the internet, cellphones, email, Blogs and such as commonplace ubiquitous things. Everything is moving so fast.

Jou Jou Into has asked me to write an article for his magazine about fatherhood – specifically about being a new dad. 2000 words. He seems to think that I have a thousand amusing anecdotes. We’ll see.

Anyway, Marc is on paternity leave for two weeks which left me and Dindo to run the show. Talk about stress. We hope to land some new accounts in the next few days. Gah. I really really really dislike traveling all over the city to talk to clients about ongoing projects. Including these past few days, my itinerary next week includes Caloocan City, Quezon City, Marikina, Alabang and Manila. And to think that Nikki and I moved to Greenhills so I could just walk to work! Part and parcel of the job, of course. But still.

I had lunch with Barbra Kitane and talked about publishing. They’re one of the country’s largest printers and I learned quite a bit. Our assumptions about the necessity of distribution was validated and made me think thrice about my plans for Pipe. Who knows, perhaps by this time next year we’d have added a bar/performance restaurant to the mix.

On my regular massage schedule at Jipang I encountered a masseuse who could only be named Ingrid. Man, I was pounded to pulp. The tragic thing is, I asked for it. I like this place (along Roxas Blvd, in a Japanese hotel) because it operates like the bathhouses I enjoyed in Hong Kong. This place has hot pools, a frigidarium, a hot and dry sauna and killer massages with a view of the Manila district. Upstairs, one can enjoy dinner or have a glass of wine. Nice.

Okay, that about catches us up. Sorry if the stuff below is bereft of links and stuff. Apparently, when you cut and paste from Word, all the hyperlink thingies just...vanish. I'll be reimputing them back in, promise.


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