Tuesday, October 15, 2002

last supper
question (15 of 100)

Q: A three-part question, brought on by yet another set of food posts from Marco (he always makes me hungry)!

1. It is your last dinner on earth (fill in the reason - extinction-level event or it's your last day alive, whatever). Which 3 living people would you invite over?

2. Where on earth would you hold it?

3. What would be on the menu?

Assume that you can afford next to anything.

A: Last supper-type questions always end up being asked. Okay:

1. First on my list of invitees is my wife, Nikki; there's no question of her presence. Second, my maudlin(!) buddy Vin; because since it is in fact the last time for some reason, inevitably we'll end up talking about good times, and this sentimental fool has a way with both word and memory. Finally, my daughter Sage. I hope she'll be big enough to sit by herself - otherwise, beloved Vin doubles as a nanny. Sorry to all my other immediate family members and friends.

2. A huge outdoor terrace in a chalet overlooking snow-covered mountains and a valley. It would be crispy cool and we'd be in suits. Nikki would be in a dress with a killer decolletage (I plan for a little something after dinner while Vin babysits) and Sage would be in velvet.

3. It would be a catered affair with a legion of chefs and waiters. A full formal dinner with various wines and a sideboard of cheeses. On the menu will be a selection of food from the various places we loved to eat in, but specifically I'd have salads, prawns, duck, a variety of pork dishes, and carrot cake and ice cream for dessert. Sage will have expensive cereals, of course.

Honestly though, the exact food will not matter too much. Conversation will drive the night, as always.



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