Thursday, May 01, 2003


Oddly enough, my mind's radio kept playing self-affirming songs, particularly Christina Aguilera's Beautiful (and boy, she does need to sing it to herself - but I do like her voice). Then later, noticing my feeble attempts to sing a song I didn't know the lyrics to, Nikki offered what we both thought was a Robbie Williams ditty that she didn't know the title of (" were meant to be the way you are exactly..." - which, in my analysis, is fatalistic rather than uplifting (turns out it's Stay The Same by Joey McIntyre - thanks Vin) . Later, U2 came in with Struck In A Moment and this morning, George Martin's Freedom 90. (I've even asked requested Carl to sing Beautiful when it becomes available at the videoke).

Despite the fact that I giggle compulsively when certain songs come up (the ones that are too preciously feel-good-about-yourself), I recognize the value of something self-affirming that you can sing to yourself - because we all need that once in a while.

We are all beautiful. Well, most of us are. In some way.


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