Monday, June 02, 2003

foul-mouthed girl, i love you

As unabashed reality-tv afficionados, Nikki and I had a terrific time with the new Amazing Race 4.

The highlight is this girl, one of the competitors, who looks angelic with her happy face and pigtails. The cool thing is this: when she's excited or stressed or tired or angry (which, in this show, is every other moment), her dialogue explodes with profanity, all of which are beeped out - but the effect is hilarious.

The team I'm rooting for are the clowns. Yes, a pair of clowns. They took one look at a rope bridge challenge, gleefully stating "Oh, it's just a tightrope!", and zipped through with smiles.

And of course, whenever there is a husband and wife team, Nikki and I will cheer them on - even if they're stupid. As long as they love each other. (Which, sadly, is seemingly the case for a lot of people).)


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