Monday, November 24, 2003

siglo: freedom

We're having two types of paper: a yellowish one for the hardcovers and a whiter one for the softcovers.

We're also finalizing the soft launch (tentatively December 20, folks!) but will make sure that our retailers have copies of the book before then.

How soon? How about next week?

Vin and I are also in the process of throwing around ideas for SIGLO 2. I'm thinking about SIGLO: MIDNIGHT and have begun to shortlist creators for our take on a hundred years of horrors. We will definitely break the "10 creators" conceit in favor perhaps of something thicker.

And in color. If it all works out, we should have that in time for the September 2004's book fair.

And maybe, just maybe, a TPB collecting all of THE LOST (including the unpublished thick issue #3 plus an indie take on Crossword Girl). But just maybe.

Arnold! How do you feel about a MYTH CLASS TPB?

more writing

As the year draws to a close, I need to plan out all the writing projects I'm involved in, outside of work (so scripting for Singapore or doing TV doesn't count). I've been remiss and let many a personal deadline pass unheeded, so I need to work double time to catch up.

Here's what's currently on my plate, all sharing thr ultimate deadine of March 2004:

Codename: Naked- For a new anthology featuring a character I like a lot in a risque narrative that MUST end in tears (grafiction)

Codename: Fierce - Space opera that ends in tears (grafiction)

Codename: Hiniranga - Picaresque story with girl that ends in tears (grafiction)

Codename: Nirvana - Lesbian schmesbian that ends in tears (play)

Codename: Veranda - Two sisters love the same man. Guess what, it ends in tears (play)

Codename: Ring Tone - Adultery while watching TV, that may NOT end in tears (play)

Codename: Canine - How do you bark? Look, no tears (fiction)

Codename: Silencio - Hush (fiction)

Codename: Hegemony - Rules (fiction)


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