Wednesday, September 18, 2002

blast from the past

She'll kill me for it, but I unearthed this picture of Nikki when she led the National Team in the World Championships for Magic: The Gathering in Seattle a few years back (bring back memories, Dino Yu?). There was great reason for excitement because for the first time in the male-dominated competition, two women were competitors - Nikki (Philippines) and Kim (Norway). I remember bonding with the Latin Americans, particularly Argentina and our friendly rivals from Singapore, Japan, HK and Malaysia. The shot was taken during the pictorials for all the different countries. From L to R: Raffy Lirag (now a US-based lawyer), Nikki, Teddy Sy (owner of several comic and toy shops) and Ricky Yaneza (who never came back from the States!)

After the Championships (we lost, aw...) on that same trip, we decided to fly to California for a little R&R and happily recovered our childhood memories of all the amusement parks. This shot was taken automatically by the camera at moment when you suddenly plunge down that horrendous ride. I remember my balls sticking to my throat. I wish Sage were older already so we can take her to Disneyland, Universal or even Knotsberry Farm! Top to bottom, excluding the strangers above us: Me (yes, I had hair once), Nikki, our buddy Richard Adelfin and Ricky.

Magic-wise, I was the first National Champion in 1995, Nikki was the National Finalist in 1998, and Dino Yu was National Champion in 1999. I still love the game, but have utterly fallen behind in terms of what is even being played today. From time to time though, I coerce Nikki or Dino for a spot game.


death by dinosaur sex

From miscellaneous meanderings:

"Even if you calculated that dinosaurs only have the same impact when thrusting as humans," Yanagida told the weekly Shukan Hoseki, "at 100 tonnes, thrusting every 6.7 seconds would create 2200 kilowatts of energy. About 50 per cent of that energy becomes noise. If dinosaurs were having sex, the noise would be tremendous. It would kill any humans within a 130- metre radius. "What's more, omnivorous dinosaurs travelled in groups, so when they had sex the sounds they emitted would have killed off all the small dinosaurs around them. That robbed the carnivorous dinosaurs of their food, making them extinct, too."

Well, I don't know what to think

smurf this!

Well, it is puerile, but it did make Nikki laugh. Click here. After all, with 80's cartoons making a comeback in comics nowadays (Battle of the Planets, Transformers, GI Joe, He-man) can these sick blue bastards be far behind?

good reading

Go over to Bibliomania and read something of worth for once in your life. Read something from a real author like James Joyce. Do yourself a favor.


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