Monday, September 23, 2002


One of the things we do when we go out and have dinner with friends is to engage in scenarios . Inevitably, this leads to interesting questions. So, giving in to the meme that seems to be running around (or has run around) blogs I visit, I'll be posting some questions, a couple at a time, and answering them. If you have a different answer, click on comment and give me an earful.

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Q: It's 3:00AM and you're walking down the street when suddenly, a bank nearby explodes. Thankfully, you're not hurt. In the ensuing aftermath, you spot P500k in thousand peso bills, nicely wrapped in the bank's billstrip. The thing is, it's held by a severed woman's hand. If you are alone, do you take it? If you see someone else looking at the same hand near you, do you take it? If you take it, what do you do with it?

A: After my initial shock, I'd take the money and run (especially if there is someone else nearby who seems to want the damn money too). The hand, of course, would give me pause - I'd balk but get it anyway and then write about the wrenching experience. And no, I would not return the money to the bank. Does it make me a bad person? I don't think so (how warped is that?). Does it make me a thief? Well, given the fungibility of money, I don't think it belongs to any person in particular (so I'm not robbing a blind widow per se) but to an institution. The heartless necessity of kicking the severed hand away - that I'd have to live with, especially if it had a charm bracelet inscribed with the name "Thelma" or something.

Note: You should hear Cynthia's, Nikki's and Marco's answers.

question (2 of 100)

Q: You are offered US$1M, cash and tax free but on the following condition: you must go up to your mother, take a running leap and strike her face as hard as you can with your bare hand and NEVER explain why you did that to her, to her or to anyone who asks. Would you do it?

A: Gah. US$1M = P52M. A lot of money. Honestly, I'd wrestle with it but right now my answer is "no". I mean what if I hurt her really badly? Sure, the money can pay for her treatment, but man, she's my mother! Not being able to explain truly takes the cake. It's like selling your relationship for a million dollars. But... if my daughter is desperately ill and we need the money (and can't get it from any source, after having exhausted all means), sorry Ma. Gah.


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