Friday, September 13, 2002

more state of the comic book industry

Well, more people have weighed in with their various stands and comments. This topic is obviously a powder keg.

Ultimately though, what matters is what is produced. Let me take myself as an example. I can rave and burn until I turn blue against my perception of the ascendancy of M&A styled comics. But what good are my rantings if I do just that? Or just whine about the lost days of glory? Or pretend that it will all go away?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what makes change is action.


So make comics! You, you and you! If you feel disenfranchised or dispossessed, then produce work. If you feel you can do better or do it "the right way", where "the right way" equals "truly Filipino", then do so. Make your comics any way you want, and find your audience. Can't afford it? Tough. The reality is few of us can (I cannot). Don't have your own printing press? Too bad. But don't begrudge those you are lucky enough to have their own. Can't illustrate your own work? Find an artist. Can't write? Then fuck off.

If there are others who are managing to come up with comics, be supportive or at least shut up. (I point a finger to myself because, of course, I have mercilessly bashed M&A.) Do not deride or belittle the success of others even if is not to your personal taste - unless the revulsion is so complete and the work in question is absolutely lacking in merit (literary, artistic or technical).

The thing is these comics sell better than any old black and white thing we black and white creators have made. So is there a lesson there?

Stop feeling bad for yourself.

Stop whining.

Act. Move. Do.

(Oh, the Culture Crash people speak up here on their comics and the thing with Gerry. You decide what you think.)


Tonight, I was mistaken for a policeman. An undercover cop, at that. I wonder, what makes me so police-manny? Is it the belly? LOL Do I look corrupt and bribable (I wish people would give me money though)?

A few weeks ago, I caused a stir at Virra Mall when I was mistaken for a member of the Video Regulatory Board. One of the shopowners of pirate DVDs asked me to please just let them be, because it was their livelihood. Do I scowl?

A few months ago, some people thought I was an officer from Camp Crame. Is it my hair?

Do I carry myself as an authority figure would?

Isn't there a stereotypical look for what I really do?


We're off to the US Embassy in a few hours, just after sunrise. Wish us luck for Sage's VISA.


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