Tuesday, October 22, 2002

calendar girls

Okay, I'll own up to looking forward to the new FHM 2003 calendar featuring Maui Taylor, Aubrey Miles and Diana Zubiri and lensed by Xander Angeles. Hot!

I remember when the previous calendar came out and all the men in the office chipped in so Assunta di Rossi could captivate us on a monthly basis. We gave it the place of honor on the corkboard. What was amusing was how months would fly within a week because the boys couldn't wait for real time to elapse before flipping the calendar pages.

All of this testosterone/gorilla chest-thumping naturally led to a reaction from our women and openly gay employees, who threatened to plaster naked men on the same corkboard. We reached an amicable peace but they have yet to place pictures of semi-naked hunks on the boards. Assunta di Rossi remains by her wet sexy lonesome, trapped under a waterfall forever.

It's amusing how some people get shocked by the things we post on the corkboard. As if by allowing a commecially available calendar to be posted in a publically accessible area I've crossed the line of political correctness, feminism and sexual ethics.

Is it porn? Nah.

Is it sexist? Maybe.

Do I care? Not a fucking bit. It's our office and we commonly agreed to the placement. No one feels sexually harassed.

Besides, it's possible that any one of these days, I'll walk in and see a calendar of naked dudes. All's fair.

Bring on the sexy girls! (um, and the sexy guys)


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